Manual Chain Hoist Evaluation

Item# Manual-Eval

Product Description

This is our basic evaluation for electric chain hoists up to 2 ton capacity, which will diagnose most problems. In some cases, deeper evaluation is required to determine the problem involving disassembly of the hoist and additional cost. In this situation, we will contact you and let you know the time and cost before proceeding.

For hoists over 2 ton capacity, please call us at 866-554-9433 or fill out and email or fax our Hoist Repair Form.

Please enter model number, serial number, and UPS collect number for return shipment in the fields above or in the Comments field at checkout. After your order is placed, we will send an RGA with instructions for sending in your hoist. Once received, we will evaluate it and provide an estimate for repair. At that time, you can:

  • Approve the repair
  • Decline the repair and have it returned to you or
  • Decline the repair and have us dispose of the hoist.

    ***Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from our facility. This fee is for basic evaluation only and per hoist. Parts and labor to repair are additional and will be provided in an estimate. Once an estimate has been provided, customers have 90 days to respond. If no response is received, the hoist will be subject to disposal.***