B-100-2FEA Anchor Clamp Set (2 pcs)

B-100-2FEA     Anchor Clamp Set (2 pcs)
Item# B-100-2FEA

Product Description

Fig 8 Anchor Clamp Set (2 pcs) - Used With FE-758, FE-1608, FE-2008, and FE-3008 Bar. Used to Anchor the Bar and Prevent Sliding Which Can De-calibrate the Expansion Gap Settings. Black Epoxy Coated for High Visibility, Anchors Provide Controlled Expansion Toward the Gap Assemblies and Toward the Ends of the Conductor Systems. Consists of Two Clamp Hanger Bodies. Clamp One on Each Side of a Selected Hanger Location. For Systems With No Expansion Gaps Place One at Center of System. For Systems With an Expansion Gap You Need Qty = 2 to Place Between the Expansion Gap and Both Ends of the System (for Each of the Four Bars).