5PT10 Series 1000lb

5PT10 Series 1000lb
Item# 5PT10
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Product Description

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CLEVIS PIN The sheave clevis pin is now D-Shaped to prevent the clevis pin from rotating when under light loads.

QUICK-MOUNT WINCH BRACKET A variety of Thern winches can be attached to the bracket. After a winch is attached to the bracket, the bracket is easily mounted (without tools) to the crane via quickconnect pins.

AUXILIARY ATTACHMENT HOLE Allows for various load attachments or two part line configurations.

MAST CAP A cap (not visible) on top of the mast helps keep weather and debris out of the mast.

ROTATION HANDLE The new rotation handle position does not interfere with the operation of the boom angle adjustment screw jack.

BASE EXTENSION The optional base extension is ideal for use with the flush mount or wall mount base options to maintain crane height for obstacle clearance or when additional 15 height is required.

BASE cap Base cap with lanyard, keeps water and debris out when crane is removed.

ROLLER/BALL BEARING Optional on the Commander Series Davits, the specially designed roller/ball bearing at top of base requires no tools for installation. The roller/ball bearing allows smooth and easy 360 crane rotation under load.

STAINLESS STEEL LOCK Stainless steel lock assembly keeps crane in position during winch operation and when not in use. Included with roller/ball bearing.