5PA5 Series 500lb

5PA5 Series 500lb
Item# 5PA5
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Product Description

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ADJUSTABLE SHEAVE BLOCK Sheave easily adjusts without tools to 4 different positions allowing for a wide range of height and reach combinations.

ADJUSTABLE BOOM ANGLE Convenient stainless steel adjustment screw, with comfortable turning knob, allows for easy, one-hand boom adjustment when not under load.

QUICK-MOUNT WINCH BRACKET A variety of Thern winches can be attached to the bracket. After a winch is attached to the bracket, the bracket is easily mounted (without tools) to any of three convenient/ergonomic positions on the mast via quick-connect pins.

NYLATRON FLANGE BEARING The Ensign 500 features a nylatron bearing that supports the mast at the top of the base to assist with the crane’s 360° smooth rotation.

TAPERED ROLLER BEARING A tapered roller bearing, pinned to the bottom of the mast, allows the crane to rotate 360° under load. Standard only on the Ensign 500.

ROLLER/BALL BEARING* Standard on Ensign 1000, the specially designed roller/ball bearing at top of base requires no tools for installation. Allows smooth, easy 360° crane rotation under load.

STAINLESS STEEL LOCK* Stainless steel lock assembly keeps crane in position during winch operation and when not in use. Included with roller/ball bearing.