5122 Series Discontinued

5122 Series Discontinued
Item# 5122

Product Description

*** Obsolete. Replaced by the 5PF5 model. ***

If you have special requirements, call or email for a custom quote for your project.

QUICK DISCONNECT ANCHOR On end of wire rope. For quickly attaching or removing wire rope equipped with a swaged ball fitting.

MANUAL or POWER OPERATION An economical solution to your lifting needs, Thern davit cranes can be configured with a spur gear hand winch equipped with automatic disc brake for load control on short, infrequent lifts; or a power winch for longer lifts and heavier loads. Winch is located behind the crane at the right height for ergonomic operation.

NYLATRON FLANGE BEARING Supports the mast at the top of the base and assists with the crane's smooth rotation.

ROLLER ASSEMBLY Crane mast and boom rotate on a bolt and roller assembly located in the bottom of the base.

  • CE cranes available
  • PE stamp available upon request
  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered