1200 Series 12g/4c 35ft

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Product Description

The 1200 Series PowerReel® is the best-built small spring driven cord reel on the market today. These are industrial grade, precision machines that will provide years of service with little or no maintenance.

1200 Series Reels are ideal for:
  • Assembly and fabrication work areas
  • Truck crane control cables
  • Automotive and truck work bays
  • Conveyors and utility trucks
  • Schools, theaters, and recreation centers
  • Other mobile power applications

    Standard Features
  • All-steel construction with fiberglass/nylon drum
  • Durable yellow powder coated finish
  • Standard versions: Ball stop only, receptacle box, incandescent hand lamp, or fluorescent hand lamp

    Each 1200 Reel includes:
  • Adjustable cable guide arm: Can be placed at 12 possible positions to direct the cable where you need it. Includes smooth-running 4 roller guide for minimum cable stress.
  • Ratchet: Locks the spool to keep cable at the desired extension. Can be disengaged with a pull on the cable or completely locked out for “constant tension” (stretch) applications.
  • Adjustable ball stop: Limits cable retraction and prevents damage to cord end accessories.
  • Precision slip ring assembly: Provides flawless contact and long life.
  • 6 foot feeder cord: Transfers incoming power to the reel. Three conductor reel feeder cords have a three-prong molded plug.
  • Safety chain hole: Attachment point for a safety chain when the reels are mounted overhead.
  • UL and CSA Listed.